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How You Can Help Colin Stolle

colinjuryboxAn effective Commonwealth’s Attorney Office and a professional, proactive police department are two of the reasons why Virginia Beach has the lowest crime rate for a city of its size. The third reason our crime rate is so low is because we have a caring and engaged community who want the best for their family and neighborhoods.

Here are just some of the ways you can help Colin Stolle keep our families and neighborhoods safe;

Social Engagement

By subscribing to Colin Stolle’s RSS Feed, giving him a “like” or following him on Facebook or Twitter, you can stay informed about the important work of not only his dedicated team of professionals, but it will give important insights about the challenges faced by our law enforcement community.

By sharing Colin Stolle’s RSS Feed, his Facebook posts or Tweets on your social media with your network of friends and family, you will help by keeping your network up-to-date with the news and happenings that occur from across our city and in your own neighborhood.

By taking a “no tolerance” stand against crime in your own neighborhood or community, you will not only be protecting yourself, but you will also help protect your neighbors and enhance everyone’s quality of life.
If there is a suspicious car repeatedly cruising your neighborhood or a suspicious person paying a lot of attention to your neighbors home, make a report to the police.
If there is graffiti or buildings/fences in disrepair, alert the Department of Housing and Neighborhood Preservation so they can take enforcement action.

By engaging with your neighbors, not only can you build lasting friendships with new friends, they are more likely to take notice if they see something amiss such as a stranger looking over your property or if your newspapers or mail hasn’t been picked up for a few days.