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My Commitment to You

My Commitment to You

It has been my honor to dedicate more than half of my life to public service for the citizens of Virginia Beach as a member of the Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.  I will continue to fight to keep Virginia Beach safe using new and innovative ideas and programs that best serve my community.

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I will continue my commitment to:

  • Work with law enforcement, community groups, and victims to ensure our criminal justice system is fair and equitable;

  • Work to establish innovative prosecutorial policies and programs that hold offenders accountable and reduce harm in the community;

  • Work with state and local officials to help them understand how the criminal justice system works and how proposed legislation could influence the safety of the people of Virginia Beach;

  • Work to protect the most vulnerable citizens including children and the elderly;

  • Work to find alternatives to incarceration for non-violent offenses when appropriate.

In several capacities, I’ve worked tirelessly to ensure our criminal justice system is the best it can be:

  • Serving as Immediate Past President (2021) of the Virginia Association of Commonwealth’s Attorneys (VACA), which represents all of the 120 elected Commonwealth’s Attorney’s across the state;

  • As a former chairman of Commonwealth's Attorneys' Services Council, the Virginia state agency responsible for providing training, education, and services to Virginia's prosecutors;

  • As a member of VACA’s Justice and Professionalism Committee, whose focus is to analyze and recommend best practices for Virginia’s prosecutors;

  • Serving as past co-chair of the Virginia Criminal Justice Conference – a group of prosecutors, judges, and defense attorneys, designed to identify and make changes to the criminal justice system;

  • Serving as Virginia's representative to the Board of Directors of the National District Attorney’s Association, working to support prosecutors across the country;

  • Supporting discovery reform to create a more balanced approach for both sides in preparing for trial;

  • Committing to providing training to the Virginia Beach Police Department, Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office, and citizen groups such as the Citizen’s Police Academy;

  • Advocating for pay increases for Virginia Beach’s public defenders.

If there is an issue that is important to you, I’d love to hear from you.

Please feel free to email me at:

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